20 cruises to the world’s most beautiful gardens


Off Topic, but too good to not share. this article makes you want to skip work and go join the next cruise ship and explore the world:

My mother blew her Second World War widow’s payment on a holiday to Interlaken, in Switzerland, so she could get away from bomb-blasted London to see gentians, edelweiss and alpine meadows.

At the age of 24 she had lost the love of her life and from that day on she found solace in the great outdoors.

She taught me to plant gladioli bulbs bottom-down and we spent weekends exploring London parks and commons to spot wild flowers pictured in an I Spy book. Fragrance was our shared joy and we both loved the highly scented rose geranium, from which we tried to make perfume (without success). Read more by going to the original article:

Source: 20 cruises to the world’s most beautiful gardens