2Mill Saturday

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2Mill Saturday is the Tasty Bingo £2,000,000 Sliding Jackpot

The 2Mill Saturday game is here and this weekend we are going to drop the Tasty Bingo £2,000,000 sliding jackpot. The £2mill thrill game plays tonight and every Saturday at 9pm in the Big Jackpots tab. There’s 2 million reasons to drop the pot in 40 calls.

We’ve posted about this game before, but never posted that a winner has walked away with the massive 2Mill Saturday pot, so maybe, just maybe, this Saturday the monster £2,000,000 Sliding Jackpot is going to be finding a new home.

The 2Mill Saturday game play is easy. Drop the massive £2,000,000 in 40 calls and walk away with a life changing sum of Bingo cash. Drop the pot in more than 4o calls and you start to lose cash. That one extra ball you’d need to drop it in 41 would cost you £1,500,000 because the pay-out for 41 is £500,000. After that each extra ball reduces the pot by half. I know that it sounds drastic, but each pot is still a life changing pot, so well worth getting your tickets. And, the 2Mill Saturday game plays every weekend!!

  • 40 calls nets you £2,000,000
  • 41 calls nets you £500,000
  • 42 calls nets you £250,000
  • 43 calls nets you £125,000
  • 44 calls nets you £75,000
  • 46 calls nets you £10,000
  • 54 calls and more a guaranteed £500

You need to be a registered player at Tasty Bingo to take part in the awesome 2Mill Saturday game, so register here and collect your fab £30 FREE when you make your first £10 deposit. Now go and spend all that on your Saturday millionaire maker game at Tasty.

We know that dropping a Bingo 90 game in 40 calls is not going to be easy, but if the 2Mill Saturday monster pot tells us anything, then it’s that it’s worth a shot, because the odds of being a millionaire at Tasty Bingo playing the £2mill thrill game is way better than your odds of winning the lottery. We know because we’ve tried.

What else is there?
We should be concentrating on the 2Mill Saturday game first, but if you don’t want to be a millionaire winner then there are plenty of smaller pots too. Free Bingo is great here and you don’t need to deposit to play.

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