Brexit Poker the Final Showdown

The UK is in the final phases of the biggest and probably the worst game of poker every played, especially now that we are entering Brexit Poker the final showdown stage.

Brexit is the subject that has occupied, confused, frustrated and angered just about every person in Europe. Both the UK and the EU want to part ways, but neither side can work out an amicable way to achieve it.

Politicians from the UK and EU are playing the worst game of poker ever played. The Preflop has been played and now it is time to play the blind. Brexit negotiation moves on (apparently), both blinds are on the table and the Flop is face up.

Now the stakes are raised with a series of ridiculous parliamentary interventions before we are dealt the River card. This is it, raise, fold or show me your cards!

Over to you Boris!

The UK has a new Prime Minister, enter stage left Boris Johnston. A player that shows signs of being a no-nonsense pokerist with a tendency to play the player and not the game.

This is Brexit poker the final Showdown round. A round where common sense should prevail. A last-minute re-think before going all-in. Alas, no one wants to show their cards, so the dealer button keeps getting pushed to the left. Brexit 2.3.5 anyone?

Tombola Arcade Cards

Brexit is the most frustrating subject ever invented, so doing something else helps with the insanity. If card games are your thing, check out Tombola Arcade’s Cards, which is an actual game with an end and a winner. Unlike Brexit!

Brexit Poker the showdown.

Here’s how to win if your stake is a massive £1, (we recommend smaller stakes at first). Drop a pair of Jacks or higher and you win back your stake i.e. stake £1, win £1. Any two pairs played and double your stake. Any three of a kind gets you 3 x your stake.

Now the payout starts to get seriously interesting, as a Full House (3 of a kind + 2 of a kind) nets you a wholesome £20. Any straight (5 consecutive cards) pays out a tasty £25, while four of a kind gets you £30.

Big blind, big Pot

Unlike Brexit, this is the part of the game where there are real winners. Any straight flush and you are clicking the Smilie button to a massive £150 + a bonus game. The bonus game is automatically played and adds cash to your already happy pot.

Five of a kind is a monster £250 to keep you happy, and a Royal Flush will boost your pot by a staggering £500 and a bonus round.

There is a bonus to the bonus round, which is played automatically for you. If your bonus hand has 4 random cards of the same suit either side of the center, then the middle reel spins automatically to match the suit of the others.

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