Cambridge Analytica


Cambridge Analytica the access to data that just keeps giving.

The saddest part of the whole Cambridge Analytica storm, is that it’s nothing new. They access our data without so much as a please or thank you. Worst still “they” use our own Facebook information without us even knowing. And they are not the only ones.

Cambridge Analytica managed to gain access to millions of Facebook users and others through clever loop holes that allowed them to access your data through third parties. Having a friend on Facebook with an app that allows access to your friends lists, is just one. Game apps are another.

Apps are so easy to install and use, that most of us forget to check the security settings. An easy mistake that we all make, and one that has opened the door to companies like Cambridge Analytica.

Ever wonder why you keep getting the calls to your phone about PPI, or “you’ve been in an accident?” and all the other nasties? Well here’s how. The information that you have on Facebook isn’t as private as you think. Go to your settings and change your privacy settings to “friends and family” and you stop the rest of the world looking in. BUT, if one of your friends is a little lax in the privacy settings part, especially apps, then anyone that has access to their account has access to your information.

I just spent the last 30 minutes going through apps on Facebook that I didn’t know I had. Those apps had access to my DOB, Email, Phone, Friends List, Family Status, location and activities online. Even though I didn’t add the app or grant permission, someone on my friends list did. Scary part is, they probably didn’t know either.

Stop Access, and here’s how;

  • Go to Facebook and click profile
  • Select Settings from the dropdown
  • Scroll down and open apps
  • Open every app and deselect

Important things are changes to your “visibility”. If you have it open to the world, then deselect the other information so that the app has as little as possible.

Don’t rely on friends to do this for you, do it for yourself and remind friends to do the same. Pass it on.

MyBingoBonus Facebook app.

This is our app and it is set to public visibility. No information is shared with third parties, other than that which is public, such as comments or liked.

No information is passed on through our site or app. Make sure that your settings for the app only show 1. Visibility: Friends, 2. Public profile (required) 3. Friends list 4. Notifications: On (or not depending on what you want to see).

Get Data Smart Now, the world is watching. Drop us a line if there are any issues or questions that you might have.

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