Please take the time to read our code of conduct for the use of the MyBingoBonus forum. This is a community forum and as such is read and used by all regardless of age, creed, religion or sex so please ensure that all and any comments are conducted in a civilised manner and one that promotes tolerance and understanding to the open and honest views of this forum.

The MyBingoBonus forum works best when the basic rules of respect are used when posting or commenting on a post. Below is a list of guidelines explaining what behaviour is expected of you as a community member. Please note that the list is not an extensive list outlining every possible behaviour that may be offensive, so as such MyBingoBonus shall have full discretion to address any comment, content or forum behaviour that we feel is inappropriate, and removal of the comment/post may result. Persistent abusers will be blocked from using the forum.

MyBingoBonus reserve the right without exception to remove, suspend or block any forum user that does not abide by these forum guidelines.

This includes all forms or racial abuse or racial hatred that has been posted, commented on or links attached that connected to websites promoting any kind of racial or ethnic hatred.

This outlines all and any religious views that are controversial or might be seen as such. This includes all links to religious sites that promote extremism or anti religious views.

Extreme Sexuality or Violence
This includes comments, content or links that promote or suggest extreme and or violent sexual acts or extreme real life violence. Any verbal violence that is directed towards another forum user will be reported and the comments removed.

Child pornography or abuse
Any and all content, comments or links will be removed and reported to the authorities immediately.

Obscene or Vulgar language
This category covers a wide variety of language that is considered inappropriate or vulgar. Any and all use of bad language will be removed.

Illegal Activities
Any reference to the use of illegal activities will be removed and reported to the authorities.

Harassment of other forum users
This is a free forum and as such is a privilege and not a right, so harassing of other users or derogatory comments about posts, comments or content will be removed and the person responsible banner from the forum.

Spamming and Trolling
Any and all forms of spamming or trolling will be removed and the responsible person(s) banned from using the forum.

As owner of the site and forum, we reserve the right to remove or ban any and all users that we deem as having misused the forum or have broken basic ethics rules of the forum. As such, any and all discussions referring to comments or posts that have been removed or persons banned from the forum, are to be discussed with the MyBingoBonus admin and not discussed through the forum. Any reference in the forum to disciplinary action taken against a member will be removed.