Definition of Free

Definition of Free and the Free Bonus concept.

The difference between Free and the definition of Free not one and the same. In the gambling world the term “free” is relative, because Free anything comes with conditions.

Free Bonuses and games have always been an attractive offer to most people playing any form of Bingo, but is it really FREE? The definition of free varies from site to site, but the meaning should always stay the same, namely, that you get something for nothing. But, the old adage nothing is FREE opens up a debate which most sites seem to try and work around.

One thing that all FREE games, bonuses and spins have in common, is that you must be registered to play. This means that your user name and contact details have to be created and registered first. Every site has a different process, but there are similarities to this process, such as contact details, user name and usually a credit card in your real name. Credit cards will not be billed, until you decide to deposit.

There are varying forms of Free and all of them come with conditions known as wagering requirements.

No deposit bonus;

Once you have registered with the site then they give you the FREE game or credit your account so that you can play. Even if the prize is small, the mechanics of the game are still the same as if you were playing for the big jackpot. This is a great way to find your way around the site and get to know your moderators and chat with other players during the FREE Play Sessions.

Cashing out at this stage is difficult if you have not previously deposited. This is where wagering requirements come into effect. Every Free promotion is advertised as having wagering requirements. In most cases this is usually 3-4 times your bonus, which means that you need to play that amount a minimum of 3-4 times before you can cash out in full. If you don’t meet the wagering requirements, your winnings will be calculated accordingly and your payout is considerably less.

Deposited Bonus;

These are only available to you if you have already deposited. This is a loyalty bonus and is added to your pot when you deposit or meet playing requirements. These bonus funds are usually added to your playing account pretty quickly. These too come with wagering requirements.

FREE bingo;

Is a game that you as a player can participate in without having to buy a ticket. However, before you can play, you need to have a funded account and or have deposited in the past days, week, month. Free Bingo is always worth playing, but wagering requirements and or cashing-out rules apply.

Free Spins;

Is just another variant of Free bonus. Basically when you deposit you usually get a free bonus added in the form of free spins. Usually comes with Casino of slot games. Wagering requirements on Free spins are usually higher, and could be up to 50 times your bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses;

These are pretty self explanatory and usually come from redeposit bonuses or win bonuses. These too come with wagering requirements.

Regardless of how it is offered, FREE games, bonuses and spins are a good way to explore sites and make your starting capitol stretch. All things FREE in the online gambling world come with conditions. These are usually cashing out orientated, so make sure T&C’s are read first.

Definition of Free and would you recommend Free Bingo, Bonuses or Spins?

If we move past the definition of Free in normal use outside of the gambling world , then the term “Free” is relative. It’s widely used as a marketing tool to get new players interested in a site. That said, it’s not a bad thing.

You can opt out and say no. Then, everything that you play is funded by you and the cashing out process is straight forward. If however you use the “free” part in either a game or a bonus, then it always comes with a wagering requirement. This is there to safe guard the Bingo site or Casino and is no bad thing. Every site has it.

So to the question would we recommend using Free Bonuses? YES, especially if you are new to a site and want to get the look and feel of the place. Using their money to play before you pay is a great way to test a site. All you need to take into consideration is that if you win, those winnings are subject to wagering requirements.

In all of our reviews we list the wagering requirements of each site. Have a look at our top 10 list and compare before you play.

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