Desperation games

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Desperation games, Lottery back-up vs Millionaire club

They may as well be called Desperation games because we hang so much hope on picking the right numbers. Anyone who still asks the question “how hard can it be?” has obviously never tried to get 6 from 49 correct. There is however a Plan B. Actually there is a Plan C too!

OK Desperation games sounds a bit harsh, but when you think that most people play the Euro Lottery religiously twice a week every week and usually more than one row. That adds up to an average of £416 a year. That doesn’t include special games where the jackpot is above £50,000,000, or the National Lottery. In short a lot of money for very little reward. Unless you drop the pot ok course hence the Desperation games tag.

So what’s the Plan B and C solution??? Easy Bingo and or slots. Your percentage of actually winning back your stake or winning enough to cover your next couple of games are brilliant. In fact the odds of you actually winning big are staggering. OK you might not be looking at £50,000,000 jackpot but there are literally millions and millions in individual games. In short a life changing sum of money is won daily in one online gaming portal or another. And, more importantly you actually get to play a real game and socialise while playing.

Lottery back-up plan
This is our Plan B. In short a list of millionaire games and slots that could literally change your life, but at a much reduced price per game. In some cases these are Penny games and BOGOF games. There’s still an element of Desperation games here too, but there is a definite value for money aspect that Lottery or Euro Lottery don’t offer. Progressive Jackpots and Sliding Jackpots are brilliant fun with massive pots on offer. And both involve proper game play. Especially the Sliding Jackpots that offer action and adrenaline pure. When you are 1 number away from the cool £2,000.000 your heart doesn’t know whether to slow down or speed up.

Millionaire Club
This is our Plan C. Millionaire games that are so easy and varied that you could spend all day playing and not play the same game twice. A literal club packed full of games with a Million in the pot. On our page alone there is a staggering £30,000,000 in pots and prizes. Pick one!

It’s time to dial down the Desperation games and settle for something less life changing and more life improving. Dropping a £10k pot will do the trick and there are literally 50 £10k games a day taking place. Finding them is easy, just check out our Plan B and C pages. Game on!

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