Digital Climate Strike

The time to take action is here! This September is joining millions in a Digital Climate Strike. It’s time to demand change and a workable solution to fossil fuels.

We have waited for the governments of the day to act for too long. We have tolerated too many unfulfilled climate promises and fruitless conventions, which have led to a global “too little too late” approach.

If we ignore all the signs that came before and concentrate on the climate events of the past couple of weeks, then we’ve suffered wildfires, floods, and powerful tropical cyclones.

Our TV screens are filled with devasting images of wildfires raging through the Amazon. Hurricane Dorian ripping through the Bahamas and the United States. Severe flooding hitting Japan and southern Spain, and a constant threat to our Polar Icecaps.

Climate Change Fossil Fuels

The overuse of fossil fuels and the catastrophic misunderstanding and reluctance of governments to act has taken its toll. We can not change what we have done, but we can change what we do. Immediate action is needed because we desperately need to slow down the effects of global warming.

Small changes make a big difference, so make a stand and get with the program. The week starting September 20th a Global Climate Strike to show global leaders that the time to act is now is happening.

It’s time to make yourself heard and stand up for what you believe in. There’s no need to do it alone because you can bring a few friends with you.

Send your message

On the bottom of our home page, we are displaying a banner supporting the global #climatestrike taking place on the 20th September. To show your support, click the “YES I’m in” button to opt into the digital climate strike.

If you own a WordPress site, then show your commitment and display a small climate strike banner. On the 20th, it will transform into a click-through full-screen overlay which, can be clicked away to show your normal webpage.

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