Free Bingo T&C’s

Free Bingo T&C’s and the pitfalls/advantages of the Freebie.

Just how restricting is the Free Bingo T&C’s and is it worth the effort just for a Free game of Bingo? The answers are simple, “very” and “yes” respectively.

The definition of free is different no matter where you go or what you do, but in online Bingo the restrictions are there to protect the online Bingo platform or Casino from players “over using” the Free play option.

In short, you need to be a registered player and you need to have deposited within a certain time frame. Usually sometime within a calendar month.

Registering for Free

With the Free Bingo offer, all sites request that you are a registered player. This means that you will need to open an account at that operator, and provide them with details such as Email, Phone and a user name. Next step is a credit card. Even though the games are Free, they need to have your Credit Card details in their system. No money is deducted from your card, but it proves to them that you are a, over 18, and b, who you say you are. Faking a user name is easier than faking a Credit card.

Is that the only restriction?

NO! You still need to read the Free Bingo T&C’s before you start. You can play as many Free games as they will let you play, and as long as you don’t “cash-out”, then no harm no foul. However, if you want to cash out winnings you’ve bagged playing Free Bingo, then you will need to meet their wagering requirements.

Free Bingo and Bonus Funds

There is a difference between playing Free Bingo and using Bonus Funds? YES! Using Free Bingo means that the games are Free and there is usually a real cash prize at the end of it. These games are open to deposited players and wagering requirements are usually more relaxed.

Playing Bingo using Bonus Funds is different. They are essentially Free games, but the difference starts when you try to cash-out. Bonus funds are always repayable before you can cash-out. Once you have met the wagering requirements, the winnings are yours to take. Most sites have between 2x – 4x requirement, which means you will need to play 2x-4x the amount of the Free Bonus. Game restrictions might be placed on where you can spend your Bonus funds. More info on wagering requirements.

Example: If your Bonus is £5 with a 2x wagering requirement, then you need to deposit and wager £10 to meet requirements. If you want to avoid wagering requirements, then don’t play Free games and don’t accept the Bonus Funds. Just deposit and play with what you have, that way you can withdraw winnings whenever you want.

So what’s best?

There is nothing better than a bag full of Free Bingo games. Regardless of the size of the pot, playing for free is always fun. The pots are not as good, but it’s a great way to test a site. The best Free Bingo we found was BGO Bingo as there were no wagering requirements. There are others, so check out our Free Bingo page.

Changes to Advertising Compliance for Gambling

As of the 7th May 2019, it is no longer permitted for persons under the legal age for Gambling in the UK (18), to register or deposit at a gambling site. The same goes for playing Free games, spins or bets.

Age identifying protection will be in use, so the player will need to prove that he/she is of legal age. Identification will involve utility bills, credit card, driving licence and or passport.

*Deposit Bonuses refer to New players only. All free games and promotions are for funded players only. Withdrawing funds requires proof of an ID.

18+ players only. Wagering requirements apply.
Bonuses, Games and Wagering requirements may change. Please read full T&C’s before playing.

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