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Just how important is an additional Gamble Feature in a slot game? Does this add a skill facture to the game, and more importantly does it put extra strain on any Responsible Gambling Campaigns?

Three very important questions to start this piece, but the priority of importance is different depending on who you ask. Ask a gambler and they will answer VERY, MAYBE, NO. Ask the Gambling Commission or anti-gambling concerns, and they will probably answer with a clear-cut OVERKILL, NO, YES. And they might have a point.

As players and advocates of gambling in moderation, I can safely say that the addition of an extra Gamble feature isn’t something that I often use. That said, every now and then it becomes a test to see if luck is on my side. But, it doesn’t make me more of an aggressive gambler. I still have my limits, and I still have my control.

Gambling is gambling

Is it overkill or just another level to a game? As soon as I click spin on that slot it’s already a gamble regardless of the outcome. Just because this added temptation is there, doesn’t mean that you must click it. Unless of course, it’s a small win that wouldn’t make much difference to your pot, in which case players will take the gamble. Bigger pots and riskier gambles will not tempt most players.

So, does adding more gambling options make it an unnecessary temptation? Of course, but that’s the point of gambling. Gambling is designed to be a risk. Getting that little extra reward is what we are all searching for.

Not Without Risk

It’s easy to see why the extra gamble feature is a popular one. Sometimes winning your average slot prize just isn’t enough. The lure of doubling or quadrupling your winnings with a simple click gives a run-of-the-mill slot game an edge. Which is where the problems start. Especially, if that gamble feature paid out in the first handful of spins.

If you were to lose on your first two or three goes, then the temptation to hit that extra gamble button would be less intense. Win big on your first try at the extra gamble, and it is likely that you’ll hit that button every time. Offering this extra level of temptation to a player could be seen as gambling overkill designed to encourage reckless play.

Temptation really is for the weak, and a gambler prone to testing the very limits of their luck or competence with managing their pots could struggle with this addition. A problem that Responsible Gambling Campaign and Safer Game Play auditors will be looking at.

Temptation is for the weak

Forget the debate about gamble overkill, or rights and wrongs of gambling, the only question that you should concern yourself with is, “Is the Gamble worth the reward?”

If the answer is no, then don’t risk it. If the answer is yes, then keep an eye on your stake vs potential win. Sometimes taking the win is not always the best option. Walking away with a small loss is better than losing everything in one go.

All additional Gamble Features are designed to get you to gamble away your pot. Especially the gamble features that allow you to “buy” extra spins. These games are not without considerable risk.

Feature Playing Cards

  • Red or Black
  • Higher or Lower.

These are simple 50/50 options at a gamble. Most will keep going until the limit is either hit or you lose. There is no set pattern to these as the cards are assigned randomly to the game.

Head or Tails

This is still a 50/50 option at a gamble. Double up on every turn or lose. There is no set pattern to this game,  as the choices are assigned randomly to the game.

Buy Spins

In Slingo style games there is an option to buy extra spins after you have had your initial turn. Not without risk and always requires so maths skills. Make sure that your stake is less than your win potential.

Safe Play options

It’s easy to get lost in the games and the slots. Safe Play is an important tool designed to help you take a break. It’s important to check your play, and help you set tighter limits and keep that all-important check on gambling spending.

If the fun stops being fun and starts being a means to win back losses, then it’s time to walk away. If you need help to stop, there are several FREE websites and advice centres that can help you put together a plan to regulate or stop completely.

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Gamble Responsibly

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