Happy New Year 2020!

Tombola Review of 2019

We hope you enjoyed 2019 the way we did and wish you a Happy New Year. 2019 stood out as a fabulous year for Tombola, with endless (or so it seemed) promotions and new games. 2019 was impressive, with Tombola pushing out no fewer than 11 new games throughout the year. Here’s our 2019 Review.

New Daily Games in 2019

Starting in January this daily game was available to play for just 1p and every participant had the chance to win a prize between £5 and £1000. We know someone who won £10, £20 and £250. 😊 We hope all of you managed to win on WORLDS!

Tombola Bingo

Picture Bingo

July brought us a new game called Picture Bingo. This new type of bingo offered a real change to the usual numbers game. A set of pictures had to be matched with the ones drawn and the prices were staggered according to your bet. Starting at 5p a ticket, picture bingo offered a pleasant alternative. There are 3 themes on offer:

Here your playing cards are all characters and utensils from a murder mystery set. If you like a good “who done it” then this would be the theme for you. We like it 😊

In this theme, all characters and utensils are familiar to anyone who has been the circus. Different clowns lighten the mood of the cards. Circus lovers will love this theme.

Pirates is a familiar theme to all those players that play games in Tombola Arcade. Friends of Pirates of the Caribbean will feel right at home with the characters and utensils displayed on the pirate cards.

Tombola Switch Game


This new game was introduced to Tombola Bingo in the autumn. Slightly differently styled, the playing cards offer 5 different shapes in 4 different colours arranged around the outside of the card. In the centre, a shape would form. Shapes remind me a bit of the bubble lamps out of the 60ies. Stakes are between 5p and £1 and the winning pot depends on the number of players contributing. You can win a line or a full house. 😊

Potion Bingo by Tombola


This game was launched at Tombola Bingo in August. It looks very cute, but I did not understand the mechanics at first. There are 5 themes on offer, and you pick them by picking your favourite character mouse, toad, bat, cat or owl. Your stake options vary between 5p and £2. You can win 1 line (potion), 2 lines and a house. Numbers called reveal an ingredient for the potion. We have a video clip and an explanation of the game that you can find here.

Tombola Arcade


Now I must say, I have never been a big fan of Slots to be honest. But with some of the new spins Tombola Arcade has launched this year I find playing spins fun. 5 new slots were launched this year and if you read on you will find out which one is my favourite of the five in 2019:

Gold Rush Spin

Gold Rush
Gold Rush was Tombola’s first cascading slot game. Cascading means that when you have a win, those winning symbols blow up, allowing the reels to come down and more symbols take their place and you might have another win. Gold Nuggets are bonus symbols, if you collect 3 you get a bonus round.

Tribe at Tombola Arcade

This slot is very similar to Gold Rush as it has a cascading feature which could improve your win if the following symbols create a new match. The bonus symbol is a stone, collect 3 to win a bonus round. The wild is the tribe Mask.

Heist Spin at Tombola

Heist is a 5 reel game where each game plays 30 lines, with substitutes “Wanted Poster” to create a line win and a “Safe” as scatters symbol to award a multiple-choice bonus game. 3 Lady symbol trigger a bonus round of 7 free spins. Top prize is archived by lining 5 police shields.

Minotaur Spin at Tombola

Minotaur is a 5 reel game where each game plays 30 lines, with the wild substitutes “Helmet” to create a line win and a “Shield” as scatters symbol to award a multiple-choice bonus game. 3 Bull symbols trigger a bonus round of 7 free spins. The top prize is archived by lining 5 King heads.

Now to my absolute favourite 🙂

Galeon Spin at Tombola

Galleon – favourite 🙂
This sea ventured themed slot has a pretty good win rate. I like playing the 50p bet which allows for a pretty good accumulation of money on a winning streak. The bonus rounds can be a bit of a hit and miss though. At least 3 Admirals will give you a bonus round of 6 spins. In every round the ship appears on one of the 5 reels to either enhance your win or deplete it. The captain’s hat replaces the bonus symbol in the bonus round. Overall, the sea venture themed slot is my favourite slot at Tombola Arcade. Watch a game played here!

Tombola Arcade Cards

Cards – absolute favourite 🙂 Cards is in simple terms a final hand card game launched at Tombola Arcade. Depending on your bet you can win up to £1000. This is the top prize. Three cards are presented each game and you bet on 2 more that complete the final hand. From pairs to royal flush and flush bonus games, this game has me hooked. This is by far my most favourite new game at Tombola in 2019! You can read more about cards and watch a video clip here.

After the epic and happy new year from Tombola, we are looking forward to see what 2020 has in store for their players. The first thing we will get to try is the new “daily free game”. The game is called TRIO and we can’t wait to see what it is about. One thing is for sure, if you want to see what any new game looks like, check back here as we will have played and recorded them for you. Keep expecting honest opinions from our team at MyBingoBonus.com

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