Jackpotjoy and the “How to” guide

Comments: The registration process was easy and well guided.
Like: Jackpotjoy send you a nice welcome mails every step of the way:-)
Dislike: We are not too keen on the navigation to the Bingo games.
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JackpotjoyGame play:

Well it took us a while to actually find the lobby for Bingo and the area where best to find the game we wanted to test. Once we got there we found the layout much the same as most, with the caller information (and ticket buy) to the left, our purchased tickets in the centre and the chat to the right.

We played the 2c 90 ball Bingo game and the prizes were really quite good. The bingo caller has a male voice and pronounces the numbers clearly using the bingo jargon for the numbers. If you ever wanted to be sure about exactly what they are calling, then here is your chance, because the rhyme is texted underneath were the called number is displayed. The numbers on your ticket will be ticked/dabbed automatically and sorted by best chance to call at the top.

The colour of tickets vary from game to game which we kind of like. In between new games Jackpotjoy play music which is turned on by default. You may turn this of by deselecting this feature in the option tab, which we did because as nice as it is to listen to some music for 1 minute between games, but they have decided to play the music during the calling of the house as well which does not do it for us.

The chat is full of friendly roomies but it lacks short cut buttons for quick messages. A handy button is to be found on the bottom left side which will lead you to the bingo lobby if you want to chose a different game. All games are well visited, which increases the prize money.

We love:

The player list option in your game play menu. This allows you to ignore single or multiple chatters if you are not interested in their messages.


The numbers are called really quickly and due to a large participation, the lines and house are claimed quickly as well. This means a fast succession of games and you might be spending more than you intended.

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