Masked Singer

Have you worked out who the Masked Singer is yet? We thought we had, but we were wrong. The #MaskedSinger was Alan Johnston? Really? Who would have guessed that, then again, Patsey Palmer wasn’t our first choice either.

As far as singing competitions go, the performances are nothing to write home about, but the concept is brilliant. Dress the contestants in a fabulous costume, hide their identities and drop clues as to who they are. Brilliant.

Masked Clues

The clues to the identities are cleaver but vague, and even when the singing starts there is no obvious clue to who the singers are. Every time the judges gave their opinions as to the identities, we ended up unsure of our original gues, and changing our minds.

Saturday’s show had us guessing at the Butterfly clues. British born living in the US with a home in danger, had us screaming at the TV that this was Hollywood legend Jane Seymore. A good guess that was spectacularly wrong. Then again, did anyone guess Patsy Palmer?

The other contestants were great and had us guessing wildly too. We think that the Duck is Caitlyn Jenner, the Unicorn is Louie Spence, and Queen Bee the Crown star Claire Foy. Hedgehog and Chameleon are a complete mystery.

Sunday’s show was just as good, and we thought that we had figured it all out until the Pharaoh was revealed to be Alan Johnston. Needless to say, he was not who we thought was under the mask.

Masked Singer wild guesses

The panel gave us some hints at who they thought the stars were. Guesses that included David Beckham as the Tree, although we think it’s Rio Ferdinand. The Daisey as Lindsey Lohan, which we think might be right, purely because we didn’t have an alternative. The only one we’d actually put money on being correct is the Octopus is Jodie March.

Have you worked out who they are yet? Let us know.

The Masked Singer works well because it is something new. It’s not really a singing competition and not your usual “Simon Cowell” format for a talent show. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun, and easy viewing. In fact, the real talent in this show are the costume designers that have provided the “undercover” stars with some fabulous outfits.

Masked Bingo anyone?

It sounds like it should be a thing, but there’s no need. Online Bingo is already there. All you need to do is create an account and keep your identity private. Pick a player name and opt for a cartoon character as your photo, and the rest of the Bingoing community will be trying to guess who you are all game.

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