Potion, the New Game at Tombola

Potion, the new game at Tombola Bingo. A clever hybrid between a Bingo and an Arcade Game

Today sees the release of a new and innovative bingo game at Tombola. The game Potion is based on classic bingo game with a twist. Instead of buying your bingo tickets 1-12 in their normal bingo rooms, you by into the game at different stakes. The higher your stake the bigger the prize pot you can win. The lowest stake is 5p, the highest £2.

Potion, the lobby

The lobby offers you 5 different rooms to play in. The rooms are called MOUSE, TOAD, BAT, CAT, OWL. We choose the BAT room for our test game, and it’s really fun to play. The background for the game is a witches kitchen, in which a cauldron is brewing a potion. The potions book offers the stake for you to choose to play.

Pick a shelf and help yourself

Once chosen, and when the game starts you see a shelf with numbers and 3 boards with ingredients. The boards are called YOUTH, LOVE, and WISDOM. These represent the “lines” you can win. Once the numbers bubble up from the cauldron, and you have the number, an ingredient is revealed and taken off the board. Lose all the ingredients from 1 board and you are the winner.

This game is cute; however, we are not sure if it would be better suited in Tombola Arcades. The stakes part seems more arcade than bingo to us. Also, it’s a bit frustrating that the numbers on your shelf could still reveal ingredients for a board that was already won. But that is what you get when you play against others which is why it relates to Bingo.

Watching our Test Game will help you understand the mechanics

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Bonus offers and promotions are subject to change. To get the latest promotions and bonuses visit Tombola
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