Rebirth of a legend!

Rebirth of a Legend, the caller is back.

The rebirth of a legend is back in Online Bingo at 888, and it’s fabulous.

It used to be one of my most favourite parts about playing offline Bingo, when the very talented and totally charismatic Bingo caller started every Game with “Eyes down for a Full House”, in fact it still makes me smile when I think about it and a little sad when I realise that the future of Bingo is more about technology than charisma.

Questioning the inevitable onslaught of technology isn’t the answer, acceptance is!  Accept that there is going to be a complete overhaul of the way that we play Bingo and all will be OK. As technology takes over and the Bingo market infused with younger more IT savvy players takes hold, the game that has become legendary in Bingo halls across the globe is being reborn through online sites that have the ability to offer so much more in the way of winnings, reach and social activities.  Here’s how;

  • Virtually unlimited reach to national and international players see’s millions of players taking part
  • Virtual Bingo halls with low cost factor means bigger and better bonuses and mega cash pots
  • 24/7 Bingo with limitless Free play and penny games

A legend reborn at 888bingo

Take the generation 40-60 year olds that have all grown up with the advancements that technology has to offer. Most if not all will have a Facebook account, Twitter, Linked-In and so on. The online social life is already active with way more friends having the chance to play and interact. far more than would be possible offline. The fact that distance or time zones has no bearing on the online social happenings is a major feather in the cap for technology.

Add that to the possibility that you all get to play online in the same Bingo room as a friend in Spain, Germany and England all at the same time on the same game, means that the future is very exciting for online Bingo, Poker, Casino and others. Now lets take that to the next stage in online Bingo and Casino evolution and add the Live rooms such as BingoCams and 3D animated games and sites like 888Casino and you have all the ingredients for the down fall of offline Bingo already plotted. The rebirth of one of the greatest social games ever invented is fabulous, long live Bingo!

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