Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling and a healthy approach to online gaming.

Responsible Gambling is something that we need to take seriously. If there comes a time when your gambling starts to affect your personal life, then it’s time to walk away. Gambling debt and or gambling addiction is preventable if you recognise the signs. The option of walking away is not always enough. At which point consider closing your account, or seek professional help.

If you need help to stop, then there are several FREE websites and advice centres that can help you put together a sensible plan, or stop completely.

If the fun stops being fun and starts being a means to win back losses, then it’s time to walk away.

Should you need more information, then please contact either the gambling advice hotline directly or contact us via mail at for more information.

Moderate responsible gambling with simple tips:

  • Make sure gaming is your decision and never let anyone make you gamble
  • Set a budget – have a maximum deposit, stake or loss plan before every gambling session
  • Stop if it prevents you from completing family responsibilities
  • Never try to recoup your debt with your winnings
  • Stop if you lie about their gambling and attempt to hide it from others
  • Don’t borrow money, sell possessions in order to gamble

If any of the above seem to ring a bell then check out the “Self-exclusion” options that all sits offer.


If you feel you should stop or slow your gambling, you have the option to set limits or self-exclude. Self-excluding can be set by limits or a period of time (£20 per month, or block your account by 6 months, 6 weeks etc.). Each site will have a Customer Support contact designate to restriction of gaming which can be implemented immediately and tailored to suit you.

You may also limit your betting by creating a deposit limit (per day, week or month) which will need to be set by the sites own Customer Service contact. Requests for the removal of any deposit limits may take up to 48 hours to deactivate.

The above measures are a self-controlled guide to responsible gambling only and do not address any serious addiction issues.
If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, then please consider seeking help from professional organisations such as GamCare, NHS Gambling addiction or Gamblers anonymous

Responsible Gambling and Protection of Minors

Although many precautions are undertaken to ensure all players are over 18, we recommend responsible gaming starts with parenting to prevent minors participating in under age gambling which could lead to development of gambling dependency.

We recommend the use of filtering software to prevent minors gaining access to all gaming sites. Most platforms offer a link to a registered filtering company, but if there is none offered, then please contact us for more information.

Tips for Parents:

  • Always close down the gaming software when you are away from your PC
  • Make sure you add a password to your casino access
  • Never let minors gamble
  • Keep your password details and credit cards confidential at all times
  • Memorise your passwords instead of saving them on your PC
  • Limit and moderate children’s internet access – consider blocking software

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