Tombola Arcade’s New Card Game

If there is only one hand dealt, then you could say that Tombola Arcades’ New Card Game has the best on the table.

This might look like a poker game, but there is nothing that you can do to influence the game. You are playing the machine and there’s only one hand. The good news is that there are no high stakes required, and no poker expertise needed.

New Card game play is easy

Select a stake between 5p and £1 and hit the play button. Bet stakes determine the prize awarded in case of a win. The higher the bet/stake the higher the win. Once you have purchased your chosen bet you get dealt 2 cards that are placed on the table. One card sits to the far right and the other to the far left. In between is a 3-card reel.

Once your cards are placed, the reel starts spinning from left to right, the reels stop one after another on random cards. Now with 5 cards openly placed you can see if you have won a prize with this hand. The lowest prize awarded is for a pair, which can only be Aces, Queens, Jacks or Kings. However, if you get 2 pairs, then any suit counts. The better the hand, the better the prize.

You need to be registered to play Arcade at Tombola. 18+ T&C’s apply.

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Arcade Card Bonus Round

The Tombola Arcades’ New Card Game also offers a bonus round. If you have 5 random cards of the same suit, you can play a bonus round. In this round, you get the opportunity to bet the dealer in a hi/low bet. You have 5 chances; each chance will have a higher reward than the one before. So, the aim is to open a higher card than the dealer places in front of you. You then pick from the face-down cards and hope to have a higher face than the one the dealer placed.

You might not win all, but if you only win one, then there is still a pay-out.

There is a bonus to the bonus round, which is played automatically for you. If your bonus hand has 4 random cards of the same suit either side of the center, then the middle reel spins automatically to match the suit of the others.

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18+ players only. Wagering requirements apply. 
Bonuses, Games and Wagering requirements may change. Please read full T&C’s before playing.

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