Trump, a man for all seasons.

The 45th President of the United States of America is visiting the UK (#TrumpUKVisit), but just how controversial is President Trump? VERY!

His “America first” policy might be what the USA wants to hear, but it comes at a cost that just not worth the hassle or the reputation. Or, for that matter in the best interests of the good old US of A.

So is Trump a man for all seasons? Only if that season is a Winter of Discontent!

Trump UK VisitThat said, we still need Mr Trump and everything that he represents. We need his trade, his commerce and his partnership in bringing the UK back to the fold. When the Brexit finally kicks in, we will be needing friends with benefits, and the USA has always been a very beneficial friend.

It does come at a cost though, as Mr Trump will have done a fair amount of public relations damage before touching down on the leafy shores of this fair Isle.

Europe have already been “Trumped”, as he has already alienated Germany, NATO and most of the UK with his UK was in “turmoil” speech. Before that he pretty much insulted every Russian, Chinese, Mexican, Canadian and European.

Add to that his latest intervention in Israel with the relocating of their Embassy and you get the measure of a man hell bent on sticking it to everyone.

The question is, is he wrong?

YES, no wait NO! He isn’t necessarily wrong in putting USA first, or in wanting to strengthen immigration, or in having a better trade deal with China and Europe, but the way he goes about it is nothing short of horrific.

Where’s the diplomat that a President needs to be? Or the Statesman that represents a country? Or the businessman that he is said to be? What America has is a President as unpredictable as his Twitter feed.

On that note, welcome to the UK Mr President. Let us know what you think.

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