We Stand With Ukraine

It can’t be assumed, it has to be said and we are saying loud and clear, we STAND WITH UKRAINE! It’s hard to believe the events that have happened in Europe over the past couple of weeks, but sadly they are very real. Ukraine has been dragged into a war that it couldn’t avoid.

President Putin, and by association the Government of Russia have declared war on their neighbours for reasons that are hard to justify, and impossible to understand. There is no place in the modern world for the needless aggression and suppression towards the Ukrainian people by their oppressive neighbours.

Support the Ukraine

There is no support for war, and we stand with Ukraine in their heroic efforts to fend off the monster that is the Russian army. We will not support the falsehoods that the leader of a civilised nation insists on spreading to justify a war that has plunged Ukraine into darkness and despair. A war that has plunged the Russian economy into freefall.


The madness must have an end, but further intervention in this war with more war is not and should not be the answer. Sanctions are a needed necessity as an alternative to military action. The people of Russia will suffer for the actions of their leader. It is an unfortunate and unfair system, but the alternative is more military intervention, which serves no one.  

President Putin is hell-bent on dragging Eastern Europe back 30 years to a second Cold War. A time of fear, uncertainty, and suffering. If the “free” people of Russia can’t stand strong with the people of Ukraine and put unimaginable pressure on their President, then further escalation will lead to the potential for disaster.


The good folks at MyBingoBonus do not have a political agenda and we do not take sides, or use this platform as a message board for anyone seeking to promote whatever political self-serving nonsense, they think the world needs to hear.

This is not one of those self-serving messages, but a strong unambiguous message to let the heroic efforts of a very proud nation know that we stand with Ukraine.


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