Wink Bingo how to

Wink Bingo how to play guide for easy Bingoing

Knowing where to play is a key element in happy Bingoing, but this Wink Bingo how to play guide is an easy in that should make Bingo play just a little easier.

Comments: We found the registration process easy and simple.
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Wink Bingo How toGame play: We were already impressed to receive £15 free money upon registering a card during the account set-up. But, then we saw the lobby we noticed a few more freebie games too.

To take part in free Games you need to be a funded player, so we actually went to our account page and started banking. We deposited funds and registered for the free games. You need to go through the process of purchasing tickets. That said, they are FREE, so it doesn’t matter.

Once we secured those, we went to play 90 ball Bingo in one of the rooms. Purchasing your card is simple, you highlight the slip you want and click purchase or you use the various quick options for multiple tickets. Your numbers are automatically dabbed without it being annoying.

You’ll always find your best game ticket on top of the list which makes easy following of your winning chances. The sound is good but you do not actually need it to follow the game. The chat has a lot of instant message buttons which help you keep up in the communication with your fellow players.

What we love about Wink Bingo

The line prizes are really good even for penny games, the chat games are easy and well moderated. They seem to have a lot of free game offers and give you a life time 10% cash back on your purchases.

But we found a “Beware” too

Watch out for increased ticket prices at Wink Bingo, because the next game might be a premium game that you might not want to play, so check the price of your card before you purchase.

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