Credit Card Payment Restrictions

Today is the day that the Credit Card Payment Restrictions come into play. make sure that your payment methods are up-to-date, and find out what alternatives are available.

Due to the changes to the new UK Gambling Legislation, Credit Card Restrictions will apply as of 14th April 2020.

The Gambling Commission has announced that Credit Cards will no longer be accepted. This includes opening or topping up your Gambling account. As of the 14th April, players are no longer allowed to use credit cards to bet or gamble in any UK betting facility. This effects all land and Online based gambling platforms, with the exception of non-remote lotteries.

The ban follows the Commission’s review of online gambling and the Government’s review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures. A public consultation was carried out with the view to adding a “significant” layer of additional protection to vulnerable gamblers.

Gambling Commission

“Credit card gambling can lead to significant financial harm, which is why we are taking these Credit Card Payment Restrictions. The ban that we have announced should minimise the risks of harm to consumers from gambling with money they do not have. Research shows that 22% of online gamblers using credit cards are problem gamblers. The ban is part of our ongoing work to ensure consumers only gamble with money they can afford to spend.” Gambling Commission

Moderate responsible gambling with simple tips:

  • Make sure gaming is your decision and never let anyone make you gamble
  • Set a budget – have a maximum deposit, stake or loss plan before gambling
  • Stop if it prevents you from completing family responsibilities
  • Never try to recoup your debt with your winnings
  • Stop if you lie about their gambling and attempt to hide it from others
  • Don’t borrow money, sell possessions in order to gamble

Stay safe and gamble responsibly

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18+ players only. Wagering requirements apply.
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Gamble Responsibly

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