Dreams of Dosh

Dreams of Dosh and the £1,000,000 Posh Bingo Jackpot

Who doesn’t have Dreams of Dosh, especially when there’s a fabulous £1,000,000 in the pot and ready to drop tonight! The game plays at Posh Bingo is seriously easy, just drop that big boy in 40 Bingo calls or less and there won’t be any more Dreams of Dosh, because you’ll be a millionaire!!!!

This game plays every Friday and it does come with a warning, if you are playing this and you have 40 calls and you are no closer to screaming full house any time soon, then the cash pot drops rapidly. There is a staggering amount of cash to play for in the brilliant Dreams of Dosh at Posh Bingo, but you need a serious slice of luck too, and that’s in short supply.

Here’s the pot break down starting with the £1,000,000 in 40 calls;

  • 40 calls or less gets you £1,000,000
  • 41 calls or less gets you £500,000
  • 42 calls or less gets you £250,000
  • 43 calls or less gets you £125,000

Now the pot starts to thin out 0rapidly and watching your Bingo cards knowing that every extra call is going to cost you a massive drop is hard to watch, but the fun is still there and anything under 46 calls is still £10,000 plus, so have fun and good luck.

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