Haiti’s saviour

Haiti’s saviour a moral dilemma?

While the recession still has it’s death grip on many Nations, companies and individuals, we are asked if Haiti’s saviour a moral dilemma? Simply put, NO! Asking people to put their hands in their pockets and come up with that little extra to help where needed is always going to be a tough job. However, when they are asked for help for a country that most couldn’t point out on a map, then the difficulty of that challenge increases ten fold.

The massive 7.0 earthquake that struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti on Tuesday 12th January. They are now going to need aid from every government around the civilised world. Not just help, but a massive cash injection to get the country and it’s people back on their own to feet. The question is, from where?

The answer is simple!

Regardless of the source of that money, all avenues should be looked at. A popular casino watchdog (anonymous) has claimed that Haiti should have embraced online gambling 10 years ago. By licensing online casino operators as other Caribbean countries like Antigua and Barbados have, they could richer today and in a much better position.

Industry insiders are claiming that embracing online gambling could have saved the country financially.  This statement may appear to be misguided and crass, but there is some measure of sense attached to it. Haiti would have been financially better off to cope with what has happened.

The truth of the matter is that the country simply did not have the technological infrastructure back then to run an industry as complex as online gambling. In fact, the country had many other priorities relating to the general state of its government and society that would have been far more beneficial to the economy than regulating online gambling.


OK, gambling does have its dark and dangerous side where peoples lives are completely turned upside down. But, that is seldom seen at the online gaming sites that are very strictly regulated. That kind of gambling isn’t what the online industry is about and they try very hard to keep that side of it in check.

Calvin Ayre, founder of Bodog’s online casino, has issued a challenge to members of the industry. He’ll match any donation made to Haitian relief funds by an online gambling company. The money that he has pledged is actually going to come out of his own pocket, not the companies, which makes it a very personal thing.

Here’s the problem

It’s a moral dilemma. Gambling is socially and morally frowned upon. In short, governments although in need of the money and help, could never endorse or support gambling. To do so would cause an outrage amongst anti gambling groups. Not to mention lobbies and church councils. Where we see help and a financial solution, they see, gambling companies that profiteer from a natural disaster.

There is a time to be righteous and a time to shut up and accept. This is that time, and Calvin Ayre has hopefully started something that we can all follow.

So regardless of where you play, send them a mail asking them to support and follow Bodog’s example. If your request gets no response, give us a shout and we’ll get involved.


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