TRIO New Daily Free Game at Tombola

TRIO, the new Scratch Game is here

On January 13th I played my first game of TRIO at Tombola. TRIO is the new daily free game. We can expect the game to run throughout 2020 with 2 goes for each player every day, absolutely free!

What is it all about

TRIO is essentially a free daily scratch card game. You can have one go at Tombola Bingo and another go at Tombola Arcade. This is going back to the time of Stars a popular daily game that was offered at both Tombola Bingo and Arcade too.

How to play TRIO

To start you need to have a registered mobile number with Tombola. This is the only way to receive a text with your individual code to enter the game for the first time. The number works for both Bingo and Arcade and once entered you do not need to do this again.

Playing TRIO is easy as it is a scratch card game, and any 3 matching Items can win you a prize between £5 and £1,000. There are 9 differently themed cards you can choose from. The themes are Snapshot (Camera), Retro (Rubix Cube), Pinata (Horse), Lanterns (Indian), Chest (Pirate Treasure), Lamps (Aladdin), Pharaoh (Egyptian), Aloha! (Hawaiian), Western (Cowboy). Once you open a theme, all of them show 9 related hidden pictures for you to scratch open to find 3 that match.

TRIO, Scratch Game with a Twist

But contrary to ordinary scratch cards, TRIO comes with a twist. Every theme comes with a different scratch action. You cannot choose scratch all like you can at the Tombola Arcade game Scratch, rather you have to do the different actions manually in order to unveil the winning icons.

What are the motions needed to scratch the different cards? Once you have chosen your theme, you will be informed how to reveal the icon. You either need to “tap”, “swipe”, or “rub” the see the pictures.

  • Tap for Snapshot, Chest, and Pharaoh
  • Swipe for Pinata, Lanterns, and Aloha!
  • Rub for Retro, Lamps, and Western

I find “swipe” the easiest and therefore would choose a theme with that action. Why you ask, because only with swipe can you reveal more than one icon at the same time 😉

I have played it every day so far, trying different themes and I have yet to win. But no complaints from me, this is a free game and you get 2 chances to win a prize between £5 and £ 1,000. That is pretty spectacular. Also, I love that Tombola keeps investing money and time into bringing lots of new things to the table and these scratch cards prove that nothing is to much effort even when they are giving you the chance to win for free!

Watch a game of TRIO:

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