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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) when it comes to “how too” on a Bingo site. Not all of your questions are FAQ’s, so not all will be answered here. If you need more information, go to the Terms & Conditions page of the website you are interested in before depositing. Terms & Conditions will vary according to the Bingo site that you choose. Likewise with the country that you are playing from.

Buying Tickets /Bingo cards

Navigating your way around a Bingo site is easy enough. Take your time and look for the “buy now” button at the start of every game. If you are in a game and want to keep ahead by buying tickets/cards for the next game, click on the button “Next Game”. Details of what the next game is, when it starts, and how much is in the pot will be visible before the start of each game.

Can I pre-buy?

YES – Most sites allow you to Pre-buy for games from 3 hours ahead, up to a week (in some cases longer) in advance. Even if you are not at your PC/Mobile the bingo software will play your ticket/card automatically. Options to buy vary from site to site, so check T&C’s before playing.

Can I cancel a game?

NO – Once you have bought your ticket the game plays whether you are in that room or not. If you win, your winnings will be automatically credited to your account.

How many tickets/cards can I play?

Every Bingo operator is different. Most games allow up to 96 tickets/cards, but special promotions may differ. Free Bingo has a lower limit of tickets/cards allowed. Check T&C’s before playing. Automated ticket allocations will stop you from overbuying.

Is Card payment allowed?

Debit Cards – YES, Credit Cards – NO

As of the 14th April 2020, the Gambling Commission announced a ban on Credit Card use with gambling. This includes opening or topping up your Gambling account. This effects all land and Online based gambling platforms. Non-remote lotteries are excluded. Read more…

Bank transfer and E-Wallets (Paypal, Skrill and Neteller) and in some cases BitCoin are available as a payment option. Not all are available with every website, but this will be made visible on their registration pages.

Can I see my game history?

YES – All sites offer a “Game history” service and most are well documented by clicking on the “Your game history” button. Your play history can also be viewed while you are in-play.

Can I see how many players are in the game?

YES – All sites offer this service and by clicking on the “Buy Cards” button you will be able to see the number of players/cards that are in each game.

How many people play against me normally?

The simple answer is “the bigger the pot, the higher the player count”. Each game will have a restricted number of tickets/cards that can be bought, but the number of players isn’t limited. In “linked-games”, other Bingo sites are linking to the same game that you are playing. In some cases, there can be thousands of players in one game. Each game shows the number of players currently playing in that game.

Can I deposit money during a game?

YES – There is no limit to when you can make a deposit to your player account. However, all sites will have a deposit limit. Most sites display a quick and easy deposit system that allows you to deposit without missing out on any games.

Can I see my Transaction History?

YES – All sites offer a “Transaction history” service and most are well documented by clicking on the “Your payment history” button. This can also be viewed while you are in-play.

How do I call House/Bingo?

House/Bingo is called automatically once you have a full card. Game winnings are automatically logged so even if your computer is switched off or you have logged out then the win will be registered to your account and in most cases a “congratulations mail” sent.

If my internet disconnects, am I still in the game?

YES – If you are in the middle of a game, or have pre-bought tickets/cards. With this system, when you come back into the software and re-join the game, your card remains active until the started game is finished. However, this is not a standard feature with every site, so please make sure that you read their rules of play.

Can I chat while in play?

YES – In fact, it’s encouraged. All sites offer a chat service, which is part of the charm of online bingo. Online chat during a game is designed to give the feeling of not playing alone. Bingo is traditionally a community game with a great social following. As such, all interaction is welcomed. Bingo chat with players is normally done in English (unless specified) inside the site’s chat room.

Is playing online bingo legal?

YES – In all European based Bingo portals that are licensed, Bingo is legal. Even those without a European license do not have issues with online Bingo. There are exceptions to this rule, so check with your Bingo provider to make sure that your country is not on their Block Countries list. Gaming platforms are strictly governed by the Gaming and Licensing Authority (jurisdiction may vary according to that countries laws).

Online gambling in the USA has it’s own set of restrictions and rules. Read more…

Is there an Age restriction?

YES – Age limit for online gambling in Europe is set at 18+. USA facing sites may be set at 21+. Online Gambling from within the US isn’t without issues, so make sure that you read Terms & Conditions before depositing on any sight. Stay legal.

Are there Wagering Requirements?

YES – Every Bingo site has its own Wagering requirements. These are the conditions you must meet before you can withdraw winnings from use of a Bonus. Basically, the amount that you will need to bet/wager before you can withdraw your winnings. They are commonly used in Deposit Bonuses, or Free spins/games. All bonuses and freebies have their own set of T&C’s attached.

What do I do in a pay-out dispute?

Every Bingo site has its own Terms & Conditions and own FAQ’s, which clearly state procedures when dealing with payment, pay-outs, and wagering requirements issues. In the event of a dispute, contact the Customer Support team via email to make it official. The CS team will then deal with your complaint/query and escalate it to a dedicated complaints team.  

Can I get Gambling help?

YES – Every gambling website that you visit will have the support and help links on their home page. There are Free guides to gambling on our Responsible Gambling page. If you are in any doubt, STOP and take some time to figure out your next move.

You can also set up self-help measures on every Bingo site. These include Gambling limits, Deposit limits, Time-outs, and Self-Exclusion.

Can I add to the FAQ’s List

YES – Not every question that you have makes it to our FAQ’s list.

FAQ’s List updated

If there are any questions that you think should be on our FAQ’s list, then contact us and we will add them.

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*Bonus offers and promotions are subject to change. Deposit Bonuses refer to New players only. All free games and promotions are for funded players only. Withdrawing funds requires proof of an ID.

18+ players only. Wagering requirements apply.
Bonuses, Games and Wagering requirements may change. Please read full T&C’s before playing.

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