Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy cards?

If you are in a game and want to keep ahead by buying cards for the next game, just click on the button labled “Next Game” that’s found on the bottom right hand corner of the game screen. In this window you can see the details of the upcoming game and select the number of cards you wish to purchase for the next game.

Can I pre-buy?

Most sites allow you to Pre-buy so even if you are not at your computer, the bingo site software will still be running so games will still be in play. Options to buy vary from site to site, but most offer 3 hours in advance for regular games and up to a week in advance for special games.

How many cards can I play?

Each site has it’s own regulations regarding the number of cards played in one sitting. The special games also have a limit so make sure that the rules governing a site or a game is checked first. Normally an automated service will restrict too many being played.

Can I see my game history?

All sites offer a “Game history” service and most are well documented by clicking on the “Your game history” button which can also be viewed while you are in another game.

Can I see how many players are in the game?

All sites offer this service and by clicking on the “Buy cards” button you will be able to see the number of players/cards that are in each game.

How many people play against me normally?

This depends upon the number of players online at a given time. Most sites have players registered across Europe, so you will play along side a crowd playing any time of day or night. Each game shows the number of players currently playing in that game. Player volume may increase depending of the game played. In the case of a special prize game this may increase.

Can I deposit money during a game?

There is no limit to when you can make a deposit to your player account. Most sites display a quick and easy deposit system which allows you to deposit without missing out on any games.

How do I call House/Bingo?

House/Bingo is called automatically once you have a full card. Game winnings are automatically logged so even if your computer is switched off or you have logged out then the win will be registered to your account and in most cases a “congratulations mail” sent.

If my internet disconnects, am I still in the game?

NO, this is not a standard feature with every site, so please make sure that you read their rules of play. Some sites offer a disconnection Protection service that keeps you in the game even if your internet is temporarily out. With this system, when you come back into the software and re-join the game, your card remains active until the started game is finished.

Can I chat while in play?

Yes, all sites offer a chat service and encourage player chat as it is part of the charm of online bingo, designed to give the feeling of not playing alone. Bingo is traditionally a community game with a great social following, so all interaction is welcomed. Bingo chat with players is normally done in English (unless specified) inside the sites chat room.

Is playing online bingo legal?

YES, all sites that we represent on this site are registered international gaming platforms and are strictly governed by the Gaming and Licensing Authority (jurisdiction may vary according to that countries laws).